Wednesday, June 20, 2012


An old long lost friend sent me a picture of his sister last week. Norma was a friend, and she died. Thats her in the center, with the yellow top.

It reminds me of  when Norma and I went bowling one night. She always wore big t-shirts and loose fitting oversized tops. She always “dressed down”, like a tomboy or something. But we went bowling one night with one of her girlfriends (Norma liked to bowl) and that night she wore something more “Girly” than what  she usually wore. I got to looking at the shirt, and finally I just had to blurt out:

“Norma, girl, you got to wear that shirt more often. I never knew how stacked you are. You got it going on!”
And she and her friend both spewed coke all out their mouths. We had to get a mop, and change shoes and everything.

My friend he sent me this picture, and he has been through some of the same things as I have and come out on the other side, just a little worse for the wear, but overall, we are still here. I'm glad to have him still here, and hope to see him one day soon.

Thanks, my friend, for reminding me of Norma. I always called her ""Abbie-Normal".
That was my name for her.

I put this post to draft a few weeks ago. I started to post it yesterday, but got busy with the "Bang", "Frogs" and "Mitt" posts, and figured to post this today.
I found out late yesterday it was Norma's Birthday. I just missed. That would have been sweet.


Martijn said...

Still very sweet and impressive, Steve. Very touching!

(If this doesn't prove that I am not a robot, than nothing will.)

red dirt girl said...

this makes me sad. are we now reaching the age where friends from our youth are dying ?? yes, we are. two of my old high school boyfriends have died. i just hating letting go of the idea that we have our whole lives ahead of us and nothing we stop us .....


bulletholes said...

Norma actually passed about 15 years ago. But we are reaching that age, yes.