Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We have a Salvadorian restaurant around the corner. I can't go in there. The food is good, but they have the place decorated with all sizes, shapes and colors of dead stuffed frogs. Some of them are playing guitars or driving '57 chevy's. There are two that appear to be getting married, with a little frog priest and everything.

Its very sad looking to me, and the little ones playing baseball just break my heart.

"While my guitar gently weeps"


Kristi PJ said...

There's a song in that, I believe. 21 ifhropea

Martijn said...

Not only heartbreaking but a bit disgusting too, making one loose one's appetite. But it reminded me of the Paul McCartney song too. Hey Steve!

bulletholes said...

Aw man! What song Martijn?

Martijn said...

"We All Stand Together", you know with the clip with the singing frogs and all.