Tuesday, June 19, 2012


With the Republican National Convention coming up, I sense that Romney is building some steam. He likely will not have to worry about Ron Paul coming in and stealing the nomination (though I have a few friends that still think it possible).... Its doubtful that Sarah Palin, or Chris Christie or even Paul Ryan will mount a last minute surprise, and win the nomination from the floor.

I keep seeing posts about Alan West, the tough talking youngster from Florida being an excellent president, but this has mostly been because few people really wanted Romney from the git-go, and they are looking ahead to 2016.

If there is a Dark Horse for the GOP this year, it could come in the way of Ronald Reagan, whose unremitting Facebook presence is incredible, rising from the dead to save the country again.

Hell, I’d vote for him
Ronald Reagan returns from grave to enter race at the last minute and in a landslide, save the country once again!

thanks to unremittingfailure for the image


SL said...

HaHa! Love it!

Martijn said...

It really looks like Reagan, that bog corpse (as we call them, I don't know about you).

Great to see you in action, Steve.