Friday, June 22, 2012


I got my book published!

The premiere was last weekend down at Barnes and Noble.
The title, which I am still trying to figure out, was “A Room With A Freeway View”.

I sat at a table, surround by stacks of my book. A blonde haired woman with cat glasses and a huge pearl necklace in a low cut dress stood and handed out copies of “A Room With A Freeway View” as customers walked by.
But the book, it had a green and gold colored paper sleeve on it, it looked just like a  Narcotics Anonymous book “The 12 Steps Stepworking Guide”, but instead of saying that on the cover, it said “A Room With A Freeway View”.

So I asked the lady handing out my books why.
“Why does my book have this green and gold cover and look like an NA book”
“Because it is an NA book” she says.
"No, no, no, my book IS NOT an NA book!”
She bent over a little, real close like, her pearl necklace dangling next to my neck and I could see her cleavage real nice from her low cut dress, and she whispered kind of matter-of-factly into my ear:
“Oh yes dear, it is definitely an NA book”

And I woke up. And I kind of realized that any book I might write would be an NA book of sorts and that everything I do the rest of my life will  be grounded on the principles I try to apply to my daily life that I have learned about at NA. That without having come to NA, I would still be slugging in out in the unmanagability and insanity of my life, riding a bike everywhere I went, likely homeless and jobless and miserable.
And all I could think was one of the things we say at the group a lot;
“The only way to keep from returning to active addiction is not to take that first drug.”

follow the link above to see where I must have got the title for this "book"


Kristi P said...

I was excited and jealous that you had gotten a book published, but I was not surprised. Perhaps you should work towards that...

bulletholes said...

Hahaa! gotcha! People ask me about a book. i think I have the "bones" here at bulletholes for something, but the thought of how to stitch it all together, how to give it some skin, how to package and arrange it and have some continuity, and all the editing and, it sounds like a lot of work.
So I just keep posting as often as I can, because thats the fun part. Its one thing to write a couple good paragraphs every now and then, and quite another to write a book.
Maybe the rest will come to me someday. Sometimes I have to wait to write a story to get the angle. Maybe that will come in time as to what to do with all these stories.
Hi kristi!

SL said...

Whether you write a book, fly to the moon, or fix the economy....I will always be proud of you and grateful to your NA group for bringing you back!