Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The album that inspired my 10th grade year. (see previous post)
I think sometime even after the 10th grade, I used to take the album to different people’s houses, and much to their chagrin, insist that they play it. I did the same thing with an Atomic Rooster album. Its a wonder I had any friends at all.

The image above was the cover. On the backside, the gun barrel telescopes down into a gun held by an outlaw looking fellow, and there is a row of empty graves fresh dug and ready for him to fill.
Between that and the music, it was everything a 15 year old boy needed.


goatman said...

---or an older fellow: when I was in Army living off post Dave Laurie from Sausalito would drop by on weekends --usually floating on the orange sunshine-- grab and slap on my copy of the Moody Blues "In Search of the Lost Chord". Didn't matter what was playing at the time or what we were doing out would come from the speakers "never comes the day ♫ ♪♪" and such.

A gentle fellow, he needed the respite. Oddly enough, he got the top secret security clearance with DASA access and was placed in the vault isssuing training materials for the nuclear weapons school we were attending.

bulletholes said...

Orange Sunshine, Moody Blues and Nuclear Weapons.

goatman said...

Tee hee ,hell. Good one . . . my belly laugh for the day.