Wednesday, June 06, 2012



Things are going well down at the gym.
After 4 weeks, I have only missed 2 days! Instead of 12 days of training, that would be 10 days complete. That’s like an 85 out of 100. I’ll take it.
My first day there I stepped on the scale. It read 278.
Since then when I stepped on the scale, it just read ERROR.
But the goal has not been so much to lose weight, but to get in shape and FEEL better. To be able to dance more than a couple few times a night when I go out. To be able to come home in the afternoon and not jjust die in front of the TV, mouth open, fast asleep and drooling on myself. To have the energy to go sing Karoke with my daughter.

I’m pleased to report that I have met two milestones.
My first few workouts when I got on the treadmill to do 30 minutes of cardio, I couldn't make it more than 20 without getting really gassed, and having to step off. I told my trainer this on my way out one day.
“That’s no good. You have to stay on for 30 minutes. Are you slowing the speed down after you reach your Target Heart Rate?” he said.
“No, I didn’t know that was legal.” I said.
He looked at me like I was nuts.
“Of course it is. Just bump the speed down after you reach your target, and you’ll be fine. Can you do that? He said.
“I’ll try.”
He looked at me like I was completely incompetent.
When I went back in two days later and trained for 30 minutes on weights, and went to the treadmill, I was relieved to know I could lower the speed if I needed to. But you know what?
I did all 30 minutes at the original speed!
That’s progress.

A week or two later, I went back to the scale, and it registered “Error” again. It was frustrating a little, not being able to see my weight, but there was a cute trainer at the desk, and I went and asked her what was wrong with the scale.
‘Nothing.” She says “I just used it”
“Every time I get on it I get an ERROR” I said. “Maybe I’m about to break it or something”

She follows me to the scale and I get on it, and it shows error again.
“Try it again” she says “And this time, try not to wobble”
“Am I wobbling?” I ask.
“Yes. Don't wobble.”
I step on it again, and I try to stand there straight and not wobble, but I can tell now I have reached a shape that makes it impossible to stand and not wobble.
The scale says “ERROR”.
She looks at me, sorrily, and says “You wobble too much, Mr. Bulletholes”
“Yes Ma’am, I will have to work on that”

I don't know how you are supposed to work on that, it seems kind of stupid. doesnt every body wobble a little?
Maybe, maybe not , but I stepped up to the scale yesterday and you know what it said?
Same as 4 weeks ago!
But I didn't wobble!
I call that a victory!
Weebels wobble but they don’t fall down!


Kristi said...

Good job! Keep it up, Bullet!

red dirt girl said...

Slow and steady wins the race! You and Dave are amazing. Keep up the inspiration and I might just find myself walking for 30 minutes one night ... miracles do happen, right?

SL said...

You are doing great Bulletholes! You are even inspiring me to get off the couch...which is not an easy thing to do!

bulletholes said...

ya'll are great support. If i make it in today, and I have every intention of doing so, I will be 13 for 15.
And I think I'm starting to get a muscle.