Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Normal is 500.
Low is considered 300 or less.
Last year mine was at 150.
That explained why I felt like crap all the time. No energy, no stamina, walking around the block seemed impossible. I stopped playing tennis because it had turned into a torture.
I got medicine for it, and they checked it again back in January.
Still at only 170.
“Doc, you got to do something. I got zero energy these days. They tell me when I am dancing, I am not as flamboyant as I used to be. I get out there, wiggle a little and I’m exhausted. I have a reputation to protect here”
“OK Bullets, we are going to double your dosage and check again in three months”

So after three months at double dose still feel like crap. I certain that it has not helped. I go in to my appointment after giving blood.
“So Doc, what does it say about my testosterone level? Still low right?”
He looks at the numbers, smiles and says:
“No, Bullets, you have the testosterone level of a 20 year old! Seven-Hundred and Seventy-Seven!”


“Well then, why do I feel so bad all the time?” I said.
“Bullets , you have some other things working against you. Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Cardio-Vascular Pulmonary Disease. You HAVE TO lose some weight. You won’t feel better until you do.”
My doctor and I we joke a lot. I crack him up, I really do.
But I can tell he is dead serious.

So Mothers Day (Happy Mothers Day to all you ladies) was my birthday. I spent the weekend bored. I laid around, nothing on TV, I thought about driving to Oklahoma and spending 100 bucks gambling. Went to eat with my daughter Saturday night, then declined going to Karaoke with her.
Just too tired, just too lazy, just too bored.

But I got up Sunday morning, went to two NA meetings and breakfast, and on my way home I decided to buy myself a birthday present.
I stopped in and joined a gym.
I need a change, I need to do something different and I need to…no…I HAVE TO lose weight.
I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


AnitaNH said...

Happy Birthday, Steve! You have taken the first step towards weight loss. It's hard and I know this from experience. Like everything else, people can give you advice but until you are ready it ain't gonna happen. (Once you lose the first few pounds you gain momentum and it becomes easier, little by little.)

My only advice, and then I will shut up, is check labels and avoid foods with high fructose corn syrup. It only makes you feel hungrier the more you eat of it!

bulletholes said...

My diet aint too bad. I watch it because of my diabetes. I'm committed to this exercise thing though. Every day baby, every day!

Kristi said...

Good luck, dear!

red dirt girl said...

Happy belated birthday, cowboy. I need to write it down somewhere so I'll remember it next year. Sorry

... at least you are going to your doctor AND getting your bloods done... Me? well i have been in a long standing avoidance pattern, and my doctor has finally stopped giving me paperwork to get my bloodwork done as I keep refusing to go ...

I'm not sure why. I think I'm afraid I'll find out that I might be pre-diabetic ....and of course, I, too, need to lose some weight.

So - good for you! wished we lived close enough that we could be each other's accountability partner and fellow gym rat !!


bulletholes said...

Thanks Kristi!

Red, i understand that avoidance. i avoided the gym for about 18 months now. i thought i might do thsi, or do that, anything but the gym. But I'm tired fo being where I'm at, and I've learned to surrender. I've learned to listen and say "OK". Its so much easier if I just give it up to someone elses good judgement. . Its a good time to surrender for me, in fact, its about time!
I hope you find yours.