Wednesday, May 16, 2012


"half the people you see these days are talking on cell phones
driving off the road and bumping into doors
people used to spend quite a bit of time alone
i guess nobody's lonely anymore
'cept you & me babe 'cept you & me

it's raining sheets of rain everything is cold and wet
nobody's going out of doors
they're all at home living it up on the internet
so i guess nobody's lonely any more
'cept you and me babe 'cept you and me

people meet somebody new & they leave the rest behind
we can have it all even though our lives are short
the kids they'll get used to it it happens all the time
no one is even surprised any more
'cept you and me babe 'cept you and me

i take my coffee black or with a little cream
i wake up every morning with the sun
i wanted to be your man that was nothing but a sweet dream
i always tell the truth to everyone
'cept you and me babe 'cept you and me"

Greg Brown, from his 2000 release "Covenant".
I'm going to see Greg on Friday night. He has been on my short list of singer/songwriters I would like to see for almost 20 years. Greg plays about 3 or 4 shows a year, and I really didn't expect to ever see him.
He has been mentioned in this blog several times over the years (click here)


Kristi said...

Oh wow...have a great time, Bullets. Do some dancing for me!

bulletholes said...

Its probably not a dancing type show. I went a couple weeks ago and saw James McMurtry solo, just him and guitar. It was excellent. And it wasn't a dancing type show either, but there was one song that I regret not having grabbed my girl and danced with her.

Greg Brown is a long time favorite of mine. If he does sometyhing that moves me to dance, I wont be so shy tonight, I promise!