Monday, May 21, 2012


My baby said so sweetly
"You're still my all in all-
but either part of you got bigger baby
or part of you got small"
I looked down in consternation
couldn't even see my shoes
Houston we have a situation
me I got the fatboy blues

well my friends they treat me kindly
My friends they treat me great
They're just so quick to remind me
I've put on even more little weight
And then they add too quickly
"It sure looks good on you"
Then they try to slide on past me
and leave me with the fatboy blues

I don't know how it happened
I ain't no Elvis P.
but one day I just woke up
just as fat as I could be
Now I stumble out to the kitchen
for another chicken or two
Well yeah I did it my way
and now I got the fatboy blues

Well my pants keep getting tighter
But it ain't cause I'm aroused
I can't reach in to get my lighter
or keys or loose change now
guess I'll get a fanny pack
if they come in size fifty two
Yes I am the walrus
and man I got the fat boy blues

I was a tush like Belushi
when he was living large
gonna make like Cleopatra
sail the river on a barge
down to New Orleans
where they know a thing or two
about rice and beans and sausage and garlic
and the fat boy blues

If I ever do slender
I bet I'll miss myself
eating fruit out of a blender
snow peas and kelp
Well you know I never was good looking
but now I'm in the ugly who's who
but you can take your stair stepper up to heaven honey
cuz I'm down here with my fat boy blues

Ok, I know,  I have inundated ya'll with Greg Brown lately. I went to the show Friday with half a dozen friends that had never heard of him, and we had a great time. They loved his music, his deep grovel voice, and his excellent lyrics about love and loss, good morning coffee, sleeping all night by your lover, fishing, home-made preserves, tall grass, gravel roads and sweet garden loam.
And the Fat Boy Blues.

There were only about 50 people at the show. There was a woman there, that after the show when we all  got to meet Greg, the woman shook Gregs hand, and then she began to sob, and then she just hugged him, weeping with her head on his shoulder, and he held her as she broke down completely. My friends, they commented on this later, but they aren't as familiar with Greg as I am, and he couldnt do all his songs, but I know exactly how that woman feels.
I feel the same way about Gregs music.

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