Thursday, May 10, 2012

At the Jack-in-the-Box...

At the Jack-in-the Box on lunch break with your 3 very stoned friends, 1975…

Jack: “Can I take your order?”
Driver: “Ummm, yeah man, what did you want?”
Backseat #1:“A coke a taco and some fries”
Backseat # 2 “ Lemme have a Whataburger with no pickles and a shake and onion rings”
Driver “Dude we are at jack in the Box”
Backseat #2 “Huh?”
(muffled laughter)
Driver: “Dude, I’m trying to order, we are at Jack-in-the Box, get a fucking grip”
Backseat #2 “Is that where they have the big Macs?”
(car explodes with laughter)

And it just goes downhill from there, right?
Once you started laughing, that was it.
How we didn’t starve, I don’t know.


red dirt girl said...

hahahahaa.... it's even funny when you're not stoned !!


bulletholes said...

Yeah, I guess it is. One of the hardest tasks back in the day was being driver to a bunch of potheads going through the drive-through.

West Texas Insomniac said...

I had to pull over in a Jack in the Box parking lot late one night because of an extended laughing/crying fit. Three of us cruising around in my El Camino decided to eat a hit mescaline. When it didn't kick in quick enough we ate another. Brilliantly, we chased it with mescal, thinking it could only enhance the experience. You manage to bring up so many of my suppressed memories...I gotta write this crap down.