Wednesday, May 02, 2012


When I worked for Hyatt, we had General Meetings once or twice a year. They always had a theme, and one year the idea was that each department would do a “Booth” that demonstrated or informed as to what that departments role was in the Hotel.

I came up with a Booth called “KARN EVIL KITCHEN” representing the kitchen where the Pastry Chef taught folks how to pipe a rosette from a pastry bag (with a lot of free pastries for the audience) and another chef was carving a block of ice.
But the centerpiece of the booth was a 3 burner omelet station all set up for anyone to come and try to flip an omelet. Had a big sign that said
with Karn Evil cooks helping the participants to try to flip an omelet.
I stood out front like a Carnival Barker with this an oversized chef hat, a purple cape and a cane, and from a tape player behind the booth came the music of ELP’s “Karn Evil Nine”.

“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends” and so on.
It was beautiful, and our booth won first place in the the booth contest.
I’d forgotten about this story.


soubriquet said...


Great story, how many managed a pefect flip?

bulletholes said...

Don't really recall, but it was a really good time!