Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I didn’t think to take pictures of my 1975 Chevy Cheyenne as it burned like Chernobyl right down to the ground last night on Precinct Line Road. But here are the “After” pictures.

There are parts of my truck melted right into the asphalt that will be there for many years. It took 3 Fire Trucks, 4 Patrol cars, 6 Fire extinguishers and the high pressure hose to put her out.

The worse part about the experience is the dirty looks you get from people who have been delayed and have to pass single file past your smoldering livelihood. You can see them mutter "How dare you hold up traffic!" as they idle by in their shiny BMW's
But the best part was the first cop to arrive on the scene. He did a quick U-turn, said he had the Fire Department on the way and emptied his little carry-on extinguisher into the engine compartment. The fire just got bigger, and he scratched his head.
I said "What do we do now, officer??"
He hollered "GET AWAY FROM IT!"
 and we hauled ass as fast as we could it to the side of the road and waited

Anyway, I'm allright. I bailed way before the cab filled with too much smoke and the windshield blew.

I wish I had taken a picture while it burned.

 I had suspected a gas leak for a couple of weeks. I couldnt see one, but my mileage had dropped by 30% overnight. I should have known better, and taken it to a pro to find.
The engine compartment, where the fire started, doesn't look that bad.

But the cab burned burned burned. You cant tell from the pic, but the seat upholtery burned to where there are only wires and springs Everything is melted right down to the bones.


AnitaNH said...

I hate it when that happens! Here's a pretty blue one (1971) going on Ebay:

Once had a Geo Metro with a leaky gas tank but lucky for me it never exploded.

bulletholes said...

Wow! That is pretty! And only 25,000 US!

red dirt girl said...

Ahhh sorry to read this cowboy. Not that you had much love for the truck, but I do remember how excited you were when you first purchased it. Glad you hauled ass :)


goatman said...
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Martijn said...

I'm sorry for the car, man. Did you had it since 1975 (much attachment?) or just since recently?