Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A few times a year I do posts about my good pal Buddy Whittington, who has never had any job his whole life but being a musician. He and I went through puberty, and High School together, and after 15 years of touring as John Mayall's lead guitarist, he spends most of his time back here in Fort Worth with his wife and kids. He plays gigs all around town and has a good following, and at any given show there will be up to 100 of us regular Fort Worth fans, most of us being friends to one degree or another.

But several times a year Buddy sets out to play for all the crowned heads of Europe, touring with Peter Green's old band, through Italy, and Luxembourg and Germany,  steams his way to the pubs of England and Ireland, and then back to Holland again before coming back home with all his dirty laundry. Buddy says he loves the European blues fans, that there is a huge appreciation over there for blues beyond  what you find here in the states.
It seems that Buddy has been nominated for a British Blues Award in the category of Best Overseas Artist. He faces some pretty good competition, with Joe Bonnamassa and Walter Trout also in his category.

I would ask all my Bulletholes peeps a favor,  to maybe go to the site BRITISH BLUES AWARDS and vote for Buddy just because I said so.
Or you can go to YouTube and check him out, and the other nominees too, and make up your own mind.
 Or you can take a look at some of my past posts about Buddy.
Or you can just sit there, whatever.

Here's one you shouldn't miss; Buddy and Mouse Mayes* doing an old Fleetwood Mac tune. I swear they do tear it up @ the 1:30 mark.

*Mouse Mayes is no slouch either. Thats him on the right.  He plays every bit as well as Buddy, his notes seem to start down in his toes, like a Mike Tyson punch, and Mouse has the best Rock Star shirts you've ever seen. Mouse has done what he calls "three tours of duty" with Black Oak Arkansas.

My son asked Mouse if he had any advice for young guitarists.
"Stay in school" Mouse says.
Good advice


Kristi said...

Love Buddy! I'll definitely go vote for him. Lovely writing, my dear, as always. And yes...Stay. In. School!

bulletholes said...

Well, thats two I know of! Hi Kristi!

goatman said...

AAAh, Black Oak (backdoor man)

bulletholes said...

Hahah! Wham ba'am thank you ma'am!
Hey Goatman!

SL said...

Not only a wonderfully talented musician but one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet! Of course he has my vote!