Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Great Moments in Blogging

You are doing a post that you don't plan to publish just yet because you really are just trying to work things out, try her on, and what you are writing is like your deepest darkest secret, that you might never tell anyone, but when you turn your computer on after the weekend you find that it has published and one of two things has happened:
You have twice the usual comments or:
You have no comments at all.


GrizzBabe said...

I wonder which post was that?

kissyface said...

I know, sometimes the hardest stuff to put down garners you... *crickets*

it's so painful.

other times, the response is there, and all you can do is sigh in relief.

Anonymous said...

I hear you! I'm not a blogger but I AM a believer in the written word and of communicating through it. I’m a fanatical writer of e-mails and, mostly in the past, real letters with paper & ink. Normally I get no or at best vague replies. 'So...', I thought... 'if they don't react when I spill my guts for them, what would happen if I'd send something fake and extravagant?' Seemed a good experiment to do. So, a few weeks ago I composed a long (3 pages) love letter of a particularly frank and burlesque nature, addressed to the made-up person of 'Lieke' and I e-mailed it to a remote friend of mine, one with a bad record for writing back, one 'Liesbeth' (both being common Dutch first names, thus making the mistaken address plausible). No reaction whatsoever! Then, about a week later I got a reaction from the boyfriend of Liesbeth, something like “dude, you have mistaken Lieke and Liesbeth: that is: hopefully, for otherwise I will look you up and kick your butt”. I chuckled for what I thought was a splendid piece of ironic faux macho talk. But later I learned that said boyfriend didn’t intend to mail that to me at all, but had written it to impress Liesbeth, his girlfriend, but didn’t master the mail program and the stupid thing had send it without him knowing it. So that was very funny: I send a mail, ostensibly to the wrong person without my knowledge, and I get a reply that is truly sent by accident! Liesbeth however, was not amused. Maybe not the big fan of decadent eroticism I had taken her for. What I meant was: learn to operate the ‘hold’ button on you computer and to myself I say: learn the one in my head.


bulletholes said...

there have been a few Grizz, been a few.

yeah, KFC, Thas right! And other times you do what you think is a throwaway, one you don't think much of and next thing you know BOOM...outta the Park!
But thats a whole 'nuther great moment!

Martijn, after all these years, all these hurts, I still can't operate the one in my head!
I have gotten better at taking the sting out of some of the things I say, but I just can't keep my mouth shut.

GEWELS said...

Don't keep your mouth shut with us Steve. We won't know what to do with ourselves.