Friday, December 05, 2008



I have been going to downtown Fort Worth quite a lot recently.
Like many downtown areas, Fort Worth suffered the effects of urban sprawl in the 70's and 80's.
It was not a destination for anyone except for those that worked in the tall glass office buildings built with Oil Money as housing for Banks and Insurance Companies.
Fort Worth has two nicknames; Cowtown and Panther City.
Cowtown, because Fort Worth had some of the largest Stockyards in the world on the Northside at the turn of the century.
The name Panther City comes from an incident in the 1880's. it seems the railroad stopped short of getting to Fort Worth, and it was close to becoming a Ghost Town. A Newspaperman came to Fort Worth to check it out and found a panther sleeping on the steps up to City Hall. He went back to Dallas and wrote all about it. Then some men with money stepped up and got the railroad to complete the track to Fort Worth.
Anyways, Downtown Fort Worth, like a lot of other cities has been revived. There are high-Dollar Condo's next to City parks, there are affordable apartments within the downtown proper.

An Entertainment District has been established, called Sundance Square, and there are bands that play outside for free.
Its really been a major transformation took place over the last ten years.
The once empty, old brick buildings now are full well into the night with restaurants and bars and music venues.
These old buildings are magnificent in their Craftsmanship. You see a lot of really nice brickwork Masonry, bas relief Horses and Longhorn Cattleheads.
Its enough to bring a tear to a Fort Worth boys eye.

Anyway, as the Ex. Mrs Bulletholes and I drove along on the southern edge of downtown, I said to her:
"Aint that the old "Chalk Her Up" Bar that we went on our first date on over there?"
She says:
'Nooo...that would have been "The Sand-Dollar" that we had our first date at."

I had to grin.
The Sand-Dollar was where we had "made out" at the Bar for TWO HOURS before being ejected for Public Lewdness. The man said "get a room" as we were placed to the curb.

"No" I said 'That would have been our first "Make-out" date. The 'Chalk Her Up" is where you first let me tag along."
"See" she says "tag along"! "That WAS NOT a date!"
Ten seconds of silence.
Then I kinda whimper and say:
"Well, I thought it was a date!"
That XMrs. Bulletholes!
She's a fast machine.
The dangerous kind.
A total Blam-Blam!


Anonymous said...

"The Sand Dollar." Sounds dark and cool and none too clean. If I still drank, I think I'd like it there.

UF Mike

Barbara said...

What in the world are you and the ex-Mrs. B doing driving around Ft. Worth together? You crack me up!

bulletholes said...

mIKE, IT WAS ONE OF THOSE PLACES (oops) trhat no one ever goes back to, one of those places whre no one ever talks to you, and you are totally anonymous.
I would guess that we were the only people to ever get kicked out.

Barb, I nearly went to Shreveport gambling with her last summer.
You can't imagine what good friends we are.

MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

yes, all of our x's are fast machines... in the least favorable sense of the term!

GrizzBabe said...

It's only a date if the guy pays.

I'm old fashioned that way.

GEWELS said...

Grizz- unfortunately, I often paid for "dates" Sad, huh? As it turns out they were mostly with gay men (unbeknownest to me at the time)

Steve- sometimes it seems that you and the "ex" have a way better relationships than those with current spouses.
Hmm, let me think about that now.

bulletholes said...

Mike, i'm lucky to have the kind of X I do!
i met some friend of hers a long time ago and she says
OOOHHH, so YOU are Shilas X"
and i just said
"Yes, but like Alexanders ashes, I am still Alexander"

griz- the ladies don't pay when I'm around!

Geweks, ther has to bw sme kinda "We takse the X out of Sex or something.

Angela said...

It is nice to hear that some exes get along well.
Why did you then separate? (Curious me)
By the way, I could not find your Gaelic link, not in September. Where did you hide it?
I was once in Dallas and liked it. And El Paso, of course! So different from home...everybody spoke Spanish and the next cornflakes shop was thirty miles away.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Sounds like every major city is going through the same positive changes. For one, here in NJ, it's predicted that soon, it'll be the first state where there'll be nowhere to develop, which means lots of restoration!

Often times, exes get along better after being married. I've seen it happen often!

Great memories!

bulletholes said...

Angela- You can type in "Gaelic" in the search box at the top to get to that post...or you can click on the 'labels" thing at the bottom of each post to get to related posts, such as XMrs Bullets..