Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I went to my Doctor yesterday for a follow up.
As I sat in the little Exam room, the door opened slightly and two faces appeared in the crack.
“Hello” says I.
“Hi” comes the reply in duet “Are you the guy that was here Friday?”
The door opens a little wider.
“The one they sent to the ER?”
Two faces of two young Patient assistants appear now as the door opens wider.
“The one with that rode his bicycle 5 miles to get here with a Blood Sugar of 451?
They are all the way in now and I give them my best smile
“That’s me, in the flesh.”
“Your bike is on the back porch” says the blond.
“Yeah, they wouldn’t let me ride it to the ER” says I.
“I can’t believe you did that” says the Brunette.
“I’m just a Medical Marvel” says I.

Friday afternoon when I got to the Doctor (5 miles in 30 minutes by bike, not bad) my blood sugar was 451.
100 would have been normal.
They tell me some people get as high as 1000, but they are in comas by then.
My blood Pressure was 175/125. my pulse was at 110 or something.
The doctor came to me and said
“Steve, I want you to go to the ER. They will probably admit you and do a lot of blood work. You may be there for several days. What do you think about that?

A year ago I know what I would have done.
I would have stood up, hands on my hips and said
“I don’t think so Doc: I feel fine. I just rode 5 miles to get here, and if you just give me a little medicine, we can both be home for supper.
I’ll get this thing worked out ”

But that’s not what I said Friday. I said :
“I’ll do what ever you tell me to do Doctor. You tell me where to be, and I’ll be there. Tell me to turn my head left and cough, I won't even ask why, i'll just do it. I can get a ride to the Hospital if I can leave my bike here”
He smiled and said “Yes, you can leave your bike here, in fact, I must insist”
‘You’re a good Doctor”I says.

I’m learning to take orders.
Powerless to my addiction.
Powerless to Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Tri-Glycerides.
There are higher powers. They make the big bucks.
I surrender.
I get it.


Angela said...

Well done, Steve. We want to keep you, in the flesh. Beta blockers are fine. High blood pressure is not. Learning to obey is a good lesson. Wishing you well!

soubriquet said...

The high blood pressure.. If a mosquito bites you does the poor thing balloon up instantly and whizz around the room on a thin red jet?
I had the high blood pressure. Well, I sort of still do, but tested okay for the diabetes.
I will heed your warning and be more disciplined about swallowing the pills.
Last time I went, the nurse frowned at me. "Avoid stress" she said.

Avoid stress, Steve.

Angela said...

Just want to add that I read your comment on my train guy-story, you wondering if you were more like him or like me. Chuckle. How tall are you, then, or how long are your fingernails? Have I seen a picture of you yet (not in the hospital shirt, please!)?
And yes, avoid stress. Good advice.

Lily said...

I have high blood pressure and lots and lots of stress, I take Losartan and Blogalot.

Barbara said...

You've come a long way. Now no backsliding!

banquet manager said...

Just make sure he doesn't say "Bend over and grab your ankles".
Hope you feel better my friend.

laughingattheslut said...

Okay, I'm confused.

Why were you on a bike?

Do you not have a car? Was the car in the shop? Are you one of those guys who just likes to prove that he can do dumb stuff like ride a bike to the hospital?

Mother of Invention said...

Glad you're so adaptable! You can actually do stuff like ride your bike etc. with high sugar. My sugar was over 1000 when I was first diagnosed but I was in a coma for several days. Mine goes up and down like a yo-yo. I've gone to work when I was 500 but it comes down when I take insulin. You'll be compliant because you just feel so crummy when you get out of control. I still can't believe you're doing your own needles so easily! I was so hesitent and scared!

bulletholes said...

Soub-if a mosquito bites me he's in the shits.
Angel- I have some real changes going down these days.
Lily- I take Altace and Laffalot.
Barb- I'm into it. Gonna hit it out of the park.
bAnq- Feelin' great!

laffin- You ask a lot of questions. I'm not just a Medical miracle....I haven't exactly had a car for almost 4 son has it...or...I gave it to my son...or I haven't bought another one yet...or... I can't afford one, don't need one, why would I want one?

Mom-Remember Arnold? The blind diabetic man I took care of in the burned out trailer? its not entirely new to me.

Rick O'Shay said...

It's always best to do as the Dr says. But you are amazing I must say. Aint nuttin gettin you down
stay good
merry holliday

leslie said...

Ok. They were doin' this all wrong.
You said they gave you a cape thingey at the hospital...well, they should have given that to you *before* you rode the bike.
That way, you would have really looked like The Medical Marvel, all be-caped an' stuff, pedaling along with it flapping out behind you.
Sheeesh. Doctors.

bulletholes said...

Rick! welcome back...I gotta admit I been worried for you. I try.

leslie- I already wear a Football helmet on my bike, like the guy from Doonesbury.

GrizzBabe said...

I was an emotional rollar coaster when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. I still get a bit cranky sometimes when I think about the life change. If you ever need to talk it out, I'm here. Also, if you discover any good food tips (as I know you will), send'em my way!!

GrizzBabe said...

Are you sure diabetes isn't contagious?

sexy said...