Thursday, December 18, 2008


OK- I'm really tired of talking about Hospitals and Diabetes and Addiction...though today I can claim 150 days spotless clean...
Ah, there we go!


My apartment had turned into a HAZMAT site over the last several months.
Last night my son's girlfriend came over and cleaned for me. Her name is Maddie.
She shines.
My son , Rip, has been doing well for two months now.
His feathers are gone and hair grown back.
He has a good job at a shipping warehouse, loading and unloading.
He has earned his car and is enjoying it immensly.
He and his girlfriend have set up shop in my middle room.
He has't moved back in, I'm afraid we'd kill each other, but I have given him a place where he and Maddie can come to kick back and be close.
Just them, a few nights a week.
No buddies, no parties, just a little spot of their own and that kind of thing.
The other nights he stays with his mom.
Maddie can't spend the night over there, as mom has an 8 year old.

They grow up so fast.


laughingattheslut said...

My house is a mess, which is really sad because recently I was on this cleaning and sorting kick. And then I had to do other stuff, and the mess took over again.

What little bit is left of the clean area will soon be gone, as it will be taken over by wrapping paper and such, while I dump over whole boxes looking for stuff that I haven't seen since this time last year.

So tomorrow the mess at my house will rival that of college kids who win the messy dorm room award. They work hard to get that award, having leftover pizza buried for six months under piles of lost homework assignments.

Maybe my house isn't quite that bad, since I had no six month old leftover pizza. I love pizza, and any that doesn't get eaten right away goes into the fridge and usually gets eaten the next day for breakfast. However, I am not as fond of chips, so there have been occasions of half empty bags of snacks getting buried under the junk and a few lost cookies here and there, etc.... And mine is a whole house devoted to the mess, while college kids only have dorm rooms.

Barbara said...

I'm glad you and RIP are such pals. What ever happened to Water Baby?