Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, its twelve days to Christmas and I have cancelled my order for Internet.
Those bastards!

And over at Minxy’s I see a spanking set of tools that reminds me of my little girl..
Reminds me of when my daughter, Aubree’, was just about 4 years old….
Her mom took her to a Dollar General Store to look for something to get me for Christmas.
After a time, Aubree’ came running to Mama, excited about what she found for me.
“Turners, Momma, come see!!! I found turners to get for Daddy!!!”
Of course Momma had no idea what “Turners” could be.
Aubree’ grabbed her hand and raced to the tool section and showed Momma what she found.
A set of Screwdrivers!
She is almost Twenty now, but she is my hearts delight!

I said last year that I never know how to act for Christmas until its over.
Hopefully, with a little money-letting next week, I’ll have it figured out before too long.
Today, I feel a little sad, a little worried, for some reason.
I think there are a lots of folks that will have a tough Christmas, and a whole year of knocks to come their way.
To feel negative like this is no real stretch for me, but to actually write it?
Everything seems kinda Maxed -Out.


leslie said...

It is a perfectly normal feeling, that of, " I feel a little sad, a little worried".

Go here. Read this.

It probably won't make you feel any better, but you'll know you're not alone. :)

laughingattheslut said...

No Internet at all?

You will stop blogging then? Or you will just have limited access til you can find another company that is easier to deal with?

soubriquet said...

I like "turners", it's a beauty, the way kids figure out language for theirselves, turners... she's so right, that's what they do.
unlike a non-turning naildriver. Maybe that's a "banger".

Gloom feelings assail me at times too, without quite knowing why. Anxiety.

But clouds do pass, and sometimes I feel stupidly happy too. Averaged out, I think I'm doing alright.