Friday, May 27, 2011


""It is good to prepare vegetables with real appreciation for what you are doing, thus enabling the radiations of light to enter the food. A potato is no longer just a potato in your hands, but a thing of real beauty. You can feel it is something living, vibrating. Just stop and think what a difference this makes to the vegetables. Sometimes you feel your heart will burst with joy and appreciation"

People that bought this book also bought The Strawberry Statement, Lord of the Flies, The Communist Manifesto, Like Water For Chocolate, In Search of the Wild Asparagus, The Zen of Motorcylcle Maintenance, The Portable Charlie Manson, The Grapes of Wrath, The Prime Rib of Miss Jean Brodie, Pick Up Ladies!, In Search of Lost Thyme, Chow Mein Kampf, and Eating Raoul.


Kim said...

hahaha. I have some of those books. I'm not gonna say which ones cuz I don't want you to know exactly how weird I am just yet. And this attitude toward vegetables I also share. I can walk into the produce section of Whole Foods and get that same feeling in the pit of my stomach that I used to get on the way to pick up some c***k. You know what I'm sayin...
I worry about the less-than-perfect specimens. Who will love them in this world of picky picky people?

bulletholes said...

I'm really hoping you have The Strawberry Statement.

Kim said...

Um. Yeah. Doesn't everyone?