Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I see that today is the anniversary of the day that criminals dug up Charlie Chaplans body and held it for ransom. I wish I was crazy enough for work like that, it sounds exciting; good physical labor worthy of a man, where you come home tired and dirty and ready for supper. I miss that, I surely do miss that.

Then I find in my research that in Germany a human can place an ad for another human who desires to be eaten alive, and if that ad is answered, the responder can be legally cannibalized. It seems there is a consent clause to Murder in Germany.

The only possible charges that could be drawn against the perpetrator, or the diner, whichever way you see it, would be "Disturbing the Peace of the Dead". That, or possibly Torture, as there is no consent clause to Torture

OK... that's a post. I'm off to lunch.
I was going to have a Reuben, but i think a salad today will be fine.


GrizzBabe said...

It seems that if you're going to legalize cannibalism that you would make so the person who wants to be cannibalized would need to be the person to place the ad. Otherwise, it just sounds fishy.

Kim said...

sounds fishy but tastes just like chicken

bulletholes said...

The whole thing sounds fishy, yes.
What killed me was the idea that you could be charged with "Disturbing the dead".