Monday, May 16, 2011


I had a buddy that used to be in the Credit Card business.
 He also dealt in missing checks.
He would call me from time to time and ask:
"What would be your best guess as to the mothers maiden name for a guy named Clifton Webb?"
At first, these quesions annoyed me, but as time went on I got pretty good at it.
“I need a mothers maiden name for Wolfgang Barnrail”
"Foxhorn" I would say 'His mothers maiden name was likely Foxhorn"
"Are you sure?" he would ask.
"Its my best guess."
"But are you sure?"
"Well, I can't guarantee anything, but it feels inspired"

Or another time I'd say “Whats in it for me if I get it right?
“A new set of tires for your truck.”
"OK then, Cooper, try Cooper, and if that doesn't work, call me back".
Ten mnutes later he would call me back. “That wasn’t it” he’d say “Do you have another one?”
“Sure, try Smith”
"Why Smith?"
“Percentages!” he would cry out. “God you are so smart!”
I said “Yep. Its a good thing you came to me first”

I'm sure this dude is in prison for a long time by now.
I'm sure of it.

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Kim said...

but you don't call, you don't write...