Monday, May 23, 2011


"Our recovery hinges on our willingness to grow Spiritually"
You could even leave of the grow spiritually. Just being willing is pretty good for me.
Sometimes it takes me a while to get to willing, but it always feels good when I do.

Last week my boss brought me some new-fangled fancy-ass repair tags headquarters wants me to check out. He said 'Try 'em out Steve, tell me what you think" and I said "I can tell you right now what I think. I've been to two rodeos and a Worlds Fair and these are still the stupidest things I've ever seen"
"Just give them a try Steve and let me know what you think" he says and leaves.

An hour later he passes by my desk. I tell him "They are stupid because they won't work"
An hour later I announce "They won't work because they are too complicated"
An hour after that I say "I have never heard of an 8 part repair tag with three carbons and 4 color codes"
Thirty minutes minutes go by before I ask "Do they really think this will help? I didn't even know we were having a problem."
Finally, I catch my boss trying to sneak by me so that he doesn't have to endure my tirade. But I have had time to come around.
I say "You know boss, if these idiot tags are going to help those numbskulls up at Headquarters, then I guess I'm all for it!"

Not only did this make my boss happy to hear it, It felt good for me to come around to it.
I love it!
But the tags are still stupid.


Kim said...

that's very funny, Mr BH. My brother is in AA and I know most of the AA BS so we started a little family tradition of slyly smartassing my mother when we disagree with her by saying some AA jargon like "you know Mom, I thought about it and you could be right." Everyone including Mom is in on the joke now but it still works to avoid the arguments we used to have. Those AAs are pretty smart after all...

bulletholes said...

Yeah, the "you mght be right" is a whole new strategy. You don't even have to mean it, you just have to USE it!