Thursday, May 05, 2011


"… I putter about the hermitage, make the bed, wash the breakfast dishes, sweep the porch; and something begins to order itself inside me as I order my external world. The ordering and puttering become a kind of prayer, a way of attending to the human which is a way of attending to the divine, charged as we are and the world is with the presence of God."
"Domestic chores also become simply something to do. One cannot pray and meditate unendingly. There is a rhythm to life lived anywhere that calms the heart if we surrender to the necessities of the world around us and the world within."
Thomas Merton


Kim said...

are you washing that girl right out of your hair?
seriously though, housework is a very zen activity. staying in the moment is the key to success.

Lily said...

That girl has gone off, time to bin her.

bulletholes said...

I'm a lazybone slob. i'll try to keep the Merton quote in mind. Maybe it will help, because i lose it on the daily stuff. For weeks at a time.

Mie Jensen said...

That sink must be sooo deep. LOL! Kidding aside, don't lose yourself in the process! Like what Kim said, cleaning is supposed to be an activity that calms your senses, not mess them up. Try not to think about negative stuff and, in my case, zen music helps! =)

Christian Traughber said...

Cleaning is the chore that I hate the most. I'd pay anyone to clean the hurricane-infested area that I call my apartment. There's so much trash in there that I probably need a dump truck to get them all out, haha. But it pays to have a small apartment; it's easier to clean.