Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I imagined somewhere in Oregon there was hill waiting for me to start my commune. It was going to take money, lots of money. I worked as a chef, and treated utensils as live beings. When I got home, there were girls, always lots of girls. Wrecked a car, racked my brain, hitched a ride. I bought a disco shirt, and disco shoes, and disco pants, but I just wasn't cut out for Disco. My girlfriend died, and I dropped acid and went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I found another girlfriend. I had the keys to the Bar, and we drank a lot in those days. I discovered Green Chartreuse, nearly died, gave it up. I lost, and found and lost another love. I showed up to parties naked. I lost a lot of weight there. I had forgot all about Oregon and took up fishing. I needed a rest. I got married and stopped showing up at parties naked. Everybody died, and my kids were born. I lost a house, a wife, a fortune. Burned a good life to the ground. I sold T-Shirts, built an airport, gave away Frozen Yogurt, won a ham, walked away from a car, showed up, showed down, shacked up and moved out. Moved in, moved over, got busted and bailed out, case dismissed.

I imagine somewhere in Oregon there is hill waiting for me to start my commune, and more love to lose and find and lose again.


Kim said...
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AnitaNH said...

I enjoyed this one.

And I read this on another blog and thought of you.

Mark Twain advised: “Write without pay until somebody offers to pay you. If nobody offers within three years, sawing wood is what you were intended for.”

Hi Steve!

Kim said...

very nice piece. a bit dylanesque(thomas that is)-- I've seen that in you before.
May I join your commune? I'm a good kitchen hand. please pick a place not too cold.
green chartreuse. I remember it well. we used to have keys to the restaurant too. I think though if I start drinking seriously again I will skip the chartreuse and step it up to absynthe.

SL said...

Some of the things you write are good, some are great and some, are just dazzling. This is dazzling!

Loved it BH!

bulletholes said...

Nita, thats a great quote!

Kim, we have to keep woooden beings separate from the metal beings. And remmeber the bell peppers are alive.

Susan, you got a comment link! Good for you!

Kim said...

sure--I don't have a problem segregating them, I don't think they even like co-mingling and yes, in fact the red are the liveliest of all, why, they practically jump off the plate into your mouth