Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I lost 3 pounds at my weigh in yesterday. Its 3 of the 4 pounds I gained at my last weigh in, which was the same 4 pounds I lost the time before that, and if you take into consideration the 3 pounds I gained that first week you can see that after 3 months of diet and excercise I have nether gained nor lost a pound!

I'm no Donald Trump, but I consider this to be a major accomplishment.


Kim said...

I like the way you think Mr BH

BB-Idaho said...

Dang, its hard. I have been
working and down 15 lbs, but hit a plateau..above the target plateau. Maybe
the secret is keeping at it- not giving up!

bulletholes said...

Thanks Kim!
Yes, lets keep at it BB....if nothing else, my bloiod sugar numbers are really really good!