Friday, May 13, 2011

I liked 'ol Duff the best!

Strange dream with you in it last night. I was meeting you and two of your friends somewhere, can’t recall the setting. Anyway, I saw a group of three people and as I approached I realized I didn’t have my glasses on so you guys were all blurry. I got closer and was able to rule one of the three out as not being you. He was tall, had grey hair and a white sweater and a big Hollywood scarf on. He kind of resembled George Plimpton. The other two people had long straight hair, dishwater blonde hair and big glasses on.
One of them was going to be you.
The one on the right seemed to be the more slender and feminine, so as I got closer in my mind I thought it was you, but my vision was still blurry. My plan was to give you a hello hug.

But when I got to within hugging distance from you, I realized the person I was about to hug was not you, but a very effeminate male. The “real” you was standing next to him, and you were holding a leash with Duff attached. But it was too late! I had already committed to hugging this man and hug him I did.

And this is where the dream got…dreamlike. The man I hugged was rather put out by it and wouldn’t tell me his name. Actually, he was VERY put out by it and nearly fell down putting distance between he and I.

The other man in the white sweater thought it was funny as hell and laughed and laughed and laughed; his name, he said, was “Mr. Wood” and I couldn’t help feeling that there was something sexual about the name for the sake of the dream.

And you, well, you acted like you didn’t know who I was and my repeated attempts to tell you I was “Bulletholes” were unsuccessful.
But Duff, well, he was all over me , licking my face and jumping and being a big ol friendly dog.

I liked 'ol Duff the best!

That  is from an Email back in January of 2009. Someday maybe I will clean it up and make it a better story, but for now i'd just like to mark time. You can follow this link to a post from August of 2008. I just have received word that Duff, my friend Kissygirls doggie, finally passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, and waits there with tail wagging for my friend.
I love so much my friends from this blog.


GrizzBabe said...

Great story, Steve! And the perfect way to mark this moment in time.

bulletholes said...

I love you too Grizz!