Thursday, January 26, 2012


I came in to work today. Rachel, the lady I work with, she asks if I know any Led Zeppelin songs.

‘Sure I do!” I said.
“Do you know one that goes like this? ‘BuhDuhDuh-Duh-DuhDat, BuhDuhDuh-Duh-DuhDat, BuhDuhDuh-Duh-DuhDat’ and she ‘s bangin’ her head with her eyes closed, and its obvious the song she is humming to me is Kashmir.
“That’s Kashmir” I said.
“Kashmir?” says she. ‘I heard it this morning and its GREAT!”
“Yeah, you should hear on ‘shrooms” I wanted to say, but we are at work so I use a little discretion and just say “Yep, a real rocker, all your really heavy stuff is slow like that, just stumbles and drags along.” and I went back to my desk.

A few minutes later my phone rings and its her.
“Are you sure that’s what that song is? When I google it all I get is some kind of goats wool”


AnitaNH said...

I haven't listened to this song in years--not since my daughter made off with all my Led Zeppelin albums over 15 years ago.

Kim said...

Anita, I got all those albums. You can have 'em

AnitaNH said...

Thanks, Kim. If you plan a trip to the White Mountains of NH bring them and I will trade you for some beads or handmade jewelry!

soubriquet said...

Amazing.... Only yesterday I was watching a youtube of Jimmy Page explaining to Jack White and The Edge how Kashmir came to be written.

red dirt girl said...

Even more amazing .... Soubry and I like the same band ;)


bulletholes said...

Its oner of those songs that just gets me going every time I hear it.
I think its funny Souby, the way Jack and the Edge act like they have never heard the song, with the dubious looks on their faces, and Jimmy is teaching them how to play it.