Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I don’t like this song, Magic Man, by Heart. It was a huge hit, summer of '76, and they played it all the time for a while. Soubriquet says he laughed his ass off when he heard the synthesizer kick in and yes, it seemed so heavy back in the day, but its really kinda lame.
Like Boston, without all the angst.

It reminds me of Gail.

God, she was foxy, and really way out of my league.
I had been tailing Gail for I don’t know how long that summer of '76, just waiting for her to get curious enough to give me a shot.
At last, we were going to a party together, and on the ride over to the party we made out like crazy in the backseat of John's car, and we were hot like you wouldn’t believe, and she was whispering in my ear all the things we were going to do, and she had these little blue Valiums that had us going and we got to the party, and had a drink, and danced a little and this song, "Magic Man" came on, and Gail was looking at me, no, she was looking through me and past me and she started licking her lips and I turned around and there was this guy, a pretty guy, about 8 years older than me, wearing about 20 pounds of silver and turquoise, and he had this full mustache and a polyester shirt unbuttoned down to there, and this glorious black curly chest hair and man nipshe looked like the singer from 3 Dog Night or Gino Vanelli at least, only way cooler, and Gail moaned and looked at me and said she had to have this guy and that she would make it up to me someday, so off she went with the pretty man.
The Magic Man.
He disappeared Gail that night.
Did she ever make it up to me?
"Try, try, try to understand..."
I wish I could say that’s another story.

inspired by RDG at the garden gate


AnitaNH said...

I followed the link to RDG's site and learned about an awesome calendar of librarians that I used to expand on my post quoting John Cheever who said librarians were old sock-sniffers. What the hell did he know, anyway. Hey Steve!

red dirt girl said...

I'm so glad you posted your 'comment'- it's a great story and had me laughing and wincing at the same time. For me Magic Man will always be the promise of something wild and wonderful beyound the edge of adolescence. That and the fact that Soubry's got the magic hands ...oh... yeah!


bulletholes said...

Good for ya'll to know each other!