Friday, January 06, 2012


My niece and nephew @ Dave Mows Grass and Jen Writes are a very strange batch of Renfro's.
They both write so well and with such purpose!
Its funny. I try to write just the way I talk. Their writing is very different from mine, but it is the same in that they seem to write just the way they talk as well.
They remind me so much of their dad.

 I knew something was going on when it wasn't good enough for them just to write, but there seemed to be some insinuation that it needed to be useful. I didn't get that gene. I'd have to say that my best writing tends to have no real use whatsoever, at least not at the time it was written. My best writing is when I seem to have no idea what I am writing about, or why I am writing it, untill weeks, or even  years later, when suddenly I think "Ah yes! I wrote about this one time".


Martijn said...

Steve. Your writing always does my heart good, whatever it is about. And these last few posts are top of the heap. I just have much trouble commenting lately (let alone writing myself). I'm in a real weird place in my life right now, with being fired, with saying goodbye to a lot of friends (my co-workers were my friends too), with not drinking, with looking into strange new life's directions (perhaps even leaving my country!) and with re-evaluating everything... but I love your posts, that's for sure. Your son is a great musician and your nephew a real inspiration. And, as Forest Gump would have it, is all I have to say about that.

bulletholes said...

Martjin, thats nice for you to say. I'm having a bit of a streak where I'm posting a lot but just writing a little.
I know you are in a strange place, not working is really weird and extended periods do bad things to you.
Come to Texas! Texas loves ya baby!

Martijn said...

A writing streak is the most beautiful feeling in the world (as far as I know), so go on!

And, no, these times are not doing bad things to me, but instead very GOOD things! But writing is victim of it.

Jabba dabba!

red dirt girl said...

I concur with Martjin - your writing is tops. There was a time when I wasn't sure where your writing was coming from or going to. But then I realized it was because I was in a place where I didn't know where I was coming from or where I was going to (much less figure anybody else out, too!)

This tends to be the low point of the year for me, so I can't really think of much to write about. Instead I'm thieving stuff from all over the innertent - even from you!

Thanks for all the good words through the years. You make my heart smile, cowboy.