Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I tried to refill my prescription for testosterone last week. Pharmacy said there was a problem, I needed to call my Insurance.
Insurance said they just needed Doctor approval.
Doctor said Pharmacy needs to send an approval request.
Pharmacy says it sent the request, but got nothing back.
Doctor says they never got the request.

This has gone on five days, and I’m all out of testosterone and it’s a good thing to or I’d kill me a mother-fucker.


red dirt girl said...

I can COMPLETELY relate to the whole back and forth scenario with doctors and pharmacies. C'mon - we're all computerized these days. Why not just use the innertent and send an email ???

My most recent was for my anti-depressant. Doc said he wouldn't approve refill until I had a. paid for my last no-show and b. re-booked a new appointment with him. Then it went to the back and forth business. You know, when docs are plying us with mood altering drugs, they really need to be careful about what sort of mood their leaving us in with this nonsense....!! I'd want to kill, too!


bulletholes said...

I hate it when I stoop being a patient and start having to be some sort of middleman!