Monday, January 23, 2012


I tried to go dancin’ Saturday night at the Flame Steakhouse, and I got there an hour before the band started but it was so crowded there was no way to get even a crust of bread or a seat or a Black Cat Bone at the Flame, so me and a few friends went looking all over town for a steak . There were waiting lists everywhere, and we finally decided on the Papaya Garden where they don't have steak but do  serve delicious Thai Food, but along the way someone spotted a greasy spoon called the Dixie House and we ended up there. I had the dirty deep fried chicken and dirty dirty rice, and the Coconut Cream Pie is to die for there, so I won’t complain except to say that I really had my taste up for some Yum Nua, a Thai Beef Salad that will burn your gums off and make your eyeballs itch.

But we got back to the Flame Steakhouse an hour and a half later and found that it was still asshole to elbow, jam up and jelly tight, and so we hung out on the front walk, and we could hear the music just fine through the wall, so we just boogied right there outside, until it got a little too cold.

So I left and walked to my truck, where I noticed I had parked right next to the dumpster and it just so happened I had a few things in my truck would fit right nice in that dumpster so I commenced to offloading these items and about that time the manager of the Flame come around the corner and started yellin’ at me…
“Hey, you there! Are you putting trash in my dumpster?”
“Yes sir. Am I not supposed to do that?”
“No, you are not.” He says. I can tell he’s got quite a little attitude about his dumpster, and he looks like he is comin at me pretty fast.
“Would you like me to take my trash out, and put it back in my truck?” I ask.
“Yes, I’d like that very much!” he says, and stopped comin' at me so fast. In fact, he stopped dead in his tracks about 30 feet away. I guess because I was so co-operative.
“OK”  I hollered back, and I jumped quick as a flash into my truck and peeled the hell outta there.  I don’t reckon I’ll be going back to the Flame Steakhouse anytime soon.


red dirt girl said...

Laughing mule hooves off, cowboy!! Thanks for the smiles, I needed that.


bulletholes said...

He probably lcks his dumpster at night. Hi red!