Sunday, January 08, 2012


They took me in for questioning. There were no questions. They said they were going to book me for murder, but there was no corpse. All I had going for me was that Prilosec sittin' on the bowl of chili.
They knew I had done it and they had my accomplices, McGinty and Barswock, two of the worst Pinochle players I ever met. Can you play Pinochle with just three players? Sure you can, but you have to have a widow. That’s where Lucy came in. It wouldn’t have mattered with these two anyway, I'd skin 'em on Cutthroat or Racehorse any ol' day.

The cops just cut them loose and here they were, one on each side, before the cops even had bothered to question me.
“Nuthin’” McGinty said with a wave of his hand “we didn’t give them nuthin’”
“Yeah, you’se in the clear” echoed Barswock.
That was proof enough they had spilled their guts.
And the girl, the dead one no one had found yet? I didn’t even know where she was. When the dead get up and walk, who is to say where they go? All I knew was she was wearing the World’s Biggest Necklace, and she had left with the cards.
The worst part wasn’t that I’d had a Thousand Aces when she made her break. The worst part was that I had actually killed someone and couldn’t remember what why or how. I just knew the who ~poor Lucy~ and that the two knuckleheads couldn’t play Pinochle for shit.

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