Monday, January 09, 2012


Nice weekend here in Bulletland.
First,  went out dancin' Friday night. My daughter came. Some old friends that don't usually come stopped in and made the night. Charro, Bobbo's wife, was there and she is such a hoot and we danced it up bigtime!

Then Saturday morning I got up and drove to a meeting. Its was a good meeting and I went across the street to the Buttermilk for breakfast. All the waitresses know me, and I usually have one of my girlfriends with me. The waitresses always ask if these girls are "girlfriends" or just "girl- friends". I always tell them   that if they figure it out to please let me know. That I really don't know myself. It seems to me that if they were girlfriends, then I would be making breakfast for them at home while they read me the paper.

Anyway, the first meeting was so good that I went to the next one as well.
It was about how "The true measure of our recovery is in the daily maintenance of our spiritual condition" from our "Just For Today" Daily Meditations. If you scroll down at the link, you can read them too!

That line stands out to me from the early days, from the first meetings I went to. I didn't really think I had a "spiritual condition" at the time. But what I have found the last few years is that getting regular sleep instead of staying up for days on end is good for your spiritual condition. That buying car insurance and keeping your vehicle registered is great for your spiritual condition. Its good when you can see a cop and not have a heart attack. Drinking enough water is good for your spiritual condition too, and learning to listen to stories about how other folks stayed clean this week, and kept from blowing their top, or reacting to other people in a way that would create resentments, all that is good too. I need to make about 3 meetings a week it seems, or else people start looking ugly and stupid to me.
Its funny how that works.
I don't sit around and read recovery literature per se', but I am always on the lookout for good words that will help me stay serene. I do this everyday, and everyday I call someone that wants to help me in my recovery. Thats funny too, because we don't usually talk about anything in particular, or even NA in general, there is just something therapeutic about engaging someone on a regular basis.

I do all these things on a daily basis, just like because of my Diabetes I watch what I eat every day. I have a little meter that measure my blood sugar, but you know what? If I maintain my diabetes program on a daily basis, I don't hardly need it.
Clean time does not equal recovery.
The true measure of my recovery is in the daily maintenance of my spiritual condition.

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