Sunday, July 15, 2012



Congrats to the Stones on 50 years of doin' it. I wonder if I am the only one to ever change the station when a Stones tune comes on?

I asked this question over on Facebook, and was amazed at how many people really don't care for the Stones.
They are, arguably, the greatest Rock and Roll band ever.

Deserving honorable mention might be The Who, based as much on the offstage persona of drummer Keith Moon as anthing.
I read a great story about him a few days ago. He was famous for smashing up hotel rooms.
On the way to the airport from a hotel after a gig, Moon indicates he forgot something at the hotel. The driver turns around, goes back to the hotel and Moon goes to the Frontdesk.
"I forgot something upstairs mate" he says, and they give him the key.
He goes back upstairs and throws the TV out the window.
All done now!

Its stuff like that that can make you immortal, but the problem with immortality is you have to live through it.
The Stones have somehow done that.

Now can someone, please, blow Jaggers nose?


Cristeen said...

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SL said...

Yeah, the Stones had a couple of really great songs and rest make me want to turn the station, every time. "The problem with immortality is you have to live through it" so great BH!! I should embroider it on a pillow, if I could do that sort of thing.

Martijn said...

The chance that I come across a Stones tune on the radio is nearing zero because I always keep my (car) radio on the classical station. All the other ones play too much Milli Vanilli, Lady Gaga and or Bananarama.

I love the Stones however and play their records frequently. I recently bought a couple of The Who (after rockin' out on 'Magic Bus' in the car on vacation: France has better stations than us) but like them less than the Stones. It's all in the music for me, less in the TV smashing. But it all helps of course... I wish Neil Diamond would smash more TVs.

bulletholes said...

Or at least set his accoustic guitar on fire.