Monday, July 23, 2012

Jolie Blonde

Bastille Day marked the 15th Anniversary of my divorce.

When it comes right down to it, getting divorced is really easier and cheaper than getting married, but I got to admit, it stays with you a long time.

I have been in the middle of a steady rash of divorce dreams lately.
Like last night’s version of the move-out. The ex is packing up, the truck is being loaded, there is nothing I can do to talk her out of it.
It is not traumatic like it used to be, I don't plead with her stay, or wake up crying uncontrollably. Hell, I even jump in and help her pack at some point.
And any misery associated with the move-out is tempered by the entrance of a blonde Angelina Jolie, who I manage to get to third base with in the dream.
What do you suppose all that could mean?

I don’t really see what the attraction is with Angelina Jolie in real life. Take away those long long legs, the almond shaped eyes, the bee-stung lips, that beautiful thick and wavy brown hair, the slender neck, awesome breasts and dynamite ass, what do you got?
Nothin’ but a lot of money, that’s what you got.


red dirt girl said...

Well that ... and a whole lot of crazy!


bulletholes said...

Crazy! Thats the best part!

Kristi said...

Just as I was getting into your feelings about your split veered off into Babe Land.....

bulletholes said...

Kristi, if you follow the Bastille Day link, you can read more.
She and I get along great. its real nice that way.

Kristi said...

Ok, cool! Thanks!

bulletholes said...

Kristi, if you are interested, here is another talks a little about moving day. its a good story, I forgot I had told it. I think somewhere there is another with more detail, but I like this one because of what it doesn't say.