Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Writing a blog is funny haha.

Just a week ago I has so many posts in my head I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to do.
Now today, I’m sitting here and thinking where did they go?
Because it just seems like I haven’t had an original thought in ages.
Probably because I’m not talking on the phone enough to my friend SL at Assorted. We talk all the time. She flat cracks me up, always has, ever since we went through puberty together.

I have a fantasy about her you know.

In my fantasy, we take some of her money and we get us a big travel trailer and we go all over the United States and visit all the National Parks. They have a little book with all the Parks listed, and everytime you get to one, they stamp your book. We will fish for trout’s in cold mountain streams, we’ll have bacon and eggs over a fire in the morning, pick pine bark out of each other’s hair, stop for souvenirs at gift shops, buying stuff like rubber tomahawks and wooden planks with latrine jokes wood-burned into them. We each have hiking sticks, highly decorated, that we carved ourselves from birch limbs gathered at Yellowstone. We use them as we hike up Denali (which means “The Ancient One” in native Assinibone), and then we skinny dip in Crater Lake. We never fight the whole way (even when the Park Rangers kick us out of Crater Lake), because we are too busy laughing. Later, as we take the same route as Powell did through the white water of the wild Colorado and the Grand Canyon by boat, we’ll move on to Dinosaur Valley, where we discover fossils of an entirely new species they will name after us, maybe Assortedadon Bulletholemus Rex.

But that is my fantasy. I don’t know if she has enough money, or where I’ll get the energy to do all that, or if sightseeing will be enough.
Shit, we must be getting old.

But now what to write?
Writing a blog is funny haha.

Just a week ago I has so many posts in my head I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to do.
This wan't any of them.




Kristi said...

Oh man, there must be something in the air. With me, I have ideas but no desire or inspiration to do anything with them.

Hey, this post turned out pretty good! Good job. The traveling sounds awesome.

bulletholes said...

I started to turn this post into a listing of statistics about my blog. Average number of posts per month, percentage of those posts that were actually original, the percentage of original that seemed to be ‘good “ posts, the correlation of readers to daily postings, how much time is spent cruising the net to get 1 decent paragraph, ect. Ad nauseum.
It always fails, that kind of post, and generally you will break down and divulge your deepest secrets whenever you start a post with the words “I really have nothing to say today”.

Martijn said...

Follow your dream... shit, that sounds like something a Power Ranger could say, or a Yoda. [I have seen neither.]

I envy your plethora of ideas, even though you don't write them down.

The National Park travel sounds fantastic.

SL said...

This sounds like a splendid adventure and I am ready to go whenever you are!

bulletholes said...

Martijn, I have like 180 posts in draft. I think most of them are beyond salvage. I'm good on ideas, and inspiration too, what I am stuck for sometimes is this:
"What do I want to talk about today?", or even "What do I want to talk about the next few days?"

i'll come in, and have something planned to post, but I'll change my mind, or something seems to take precedence. so I'll do something different, and that always leads to something else and something else again, and now what i thought I would talk about last week, and put into draft, I just don't feel like talking about this week.
Does that make any sense?

bulletholes said...