Tuesday, July 24, 2012



First, we relax right to carry laws and get as many good guys as we can carrying guns and as many guns as possible, to as many places as can be. We flood the streets with guns. Concealed, on the hip in plain sight; Thirty-Eights, Forty-Fives, sawed off bubble-gauge, anything goes; at the Piggly-Wiggly grocery store, Putt-Putt golf, Pottery Barn, down at the Pussycat Doll or the Captains Den, wherever people gather, there needs to be guns. If they want the wild west, I say give it to them. It beats the shit out of the weird characters and ineffectual Police Departments of Gotham City, which is what we got now.

Second, and all the folks carrying guns aren’t going to like this, second, we got to get control of just who ought to have Assault Rifles and 50 caliber Weaponry. Those guns go too far beyond varmint control and Sunday afternoon "plinking".  You can have just as much fun with your grandfathers bolt action .22.  For the sake of argument, lets issue permits for 3 (three only) of these weapons per year. Applicants required to pass through multiple layers of personality testing. Winners determined by lottery.

So there.
Problem solved.
After that, I will take on immigration reform, which includes making Mexico a state.

"Mom, can you bring my Glock 9"


Martijn said...

You ain't goin' red on me, now are ye? Ha ha... the gun debate is completely incomprehensible for a European guy like me. The idea that people in the street have actual, propper, guns on them is as weird and absurd as zombies and canabalism to me. But I appreciate cultural differences. Great post.

bulletholes said...

Its crazy over here Marty!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Bullet (or, would you prefer Mr. Holes?) As a matter of fact here in Central Virginia almost everybody (but me) carries and collects. At Liberty University (the only "university" I know of that teaches the earth is 6000 years old) they carry ON campus! Can't figure that out. They are all going to "A Better Place" once they kick the bucket, BUT, they fight harder than anybody I ever heard of NOT to go.

Sure is a curious world.

All the best
Mrs. N

Anonymous said...

Hah... maybe if Obama would let the military use AK 47's .... haha holy moly... get your facts straight O.

bulletholes said...

What do we use? M-16?
Thats what we used to use, rght?