Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Poster found in ladies restroom of local bar.
Do you use cocaine or meth? Great!
Want to quit smoking cigarettes?

Are you kidding me?
Back in the day, I'd have put MY number on there!
Call now!


soubriquet said...

That would be back when you were female then?

Anonymous said...

She sure does look happy. Hard to imagine why someone who looks so contented would want to change anything.

bulletholes said...

Yeah, Souby, back when I was a girl. I always wanted to be a girl. I'd have been a hell of a girl.

Mrsneutron, I can't get anything on this poster to match up, not even the look on her face. i guess she is free at last from cigarettes, and just scored a fat sack of dope.
That would explain it.

Martijn said...

"She may look clean..."

Weird poster, BH, but I have not been in a bar for ages, perhaps I can see similar things overhere.