Wednesday, July 11, 2012


At the Hyatt we had a guy from the Ivory Coast, a Banquet Waiter. We called him "TOP GUN" because he was here in the states to train for flying F-16's out at Carswell Air Force Base. 
He had a real thick accent, part British, part French, but with a heavy dose of Zulu.
Top Gun didn’t know the names of a lot of stuff he had to work with at the hotel.

One day, here he comes running into the kitchen, wild eyed…
“I NEED…CAN OF FIRE” he says.
“A what?” I ask.
“CAN OF FIRE!” and he cups his hands in front of him. "I NEED THE CANS OF FIRE!'
“Oh, Sterno, you need Sterno for the buffet.”

It was hilarious, and reminded me of Tarzan when he said:
“Big bird come….take man away”

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