Wednesday, August 06, 2008


"i got a crazy aunt
a crazy cousin
a couple crazy kids
i mean everybodys buzzin'"

Since everybody is on fire over James McMurtry I thought I'd go ahead anfd try another one on ya'll....this is a very different sound.
They make me think of Stevie Wonder, the subdudes, Littlefeat and even Steely Dan.
Sly and the Family Stone. Yeah, like Sly.

Sonia Dada is a band out of Chicago that is on my short list of obscure talent that I just have to go see live someday. From the two CD's that I have I could imagine they would be terrific Live and this Video confirms just that.

Vocals and Musicianship are first rate. This is from the Album "A Day At The Beach" and this album really begs to be listened to in its entirety.

Please note that the first two minutes is what may be refered to as an "Intro"...then they rock the house.

I tell what really blows my mind.
You can buy a CD by a very well known Artist and when you get it home you find that there are only two, maybe three songs you care much about. The rest you might as well just throw away.
There are a lot of CD's like that right?
Well, of the two Sonia Dada CD's I have there is not a song on either that would be a throw away.
And the Killer is...both came from the $2 each "Throwback" shelf at half price books!


rdg said...

you know, when i stroll by a blog that has a youtube video posted - i stroll on by ....

i don't know why i have this great antipathy towards youtube.

HOWEVER. you hooked me with your intro. so i had to hit the arrow in the box. and i skipped the first 2 minutes ....

and i found myself swaying to the beat. and i thought -YEAH !! 'ole Steve is on to something here.

Great choice!!

bulletholes said...

Thanks, save me a dance, willya?
I do the same thing, baby, just stroll on by...and I started to say so in my post...but I figure to wear ya'll down.
I tell you what else is fun...slow dancing to fast songs.

Dave Mows Grass said...

Yeah, these guys are all right. Less poetry and more music. That McMurtry kinda wears me out with all those words. Plus he could have done that song just as well or probably better with a six-string. I see a 12-string and think, what's this guy trying to prove? I like this one, though. Probably better live than on YouTube.

Dave Mows Grass said...

Oh, hi Red!