Friday, August 01, 2008


I have changed the name I comment under from Steve to Bulletholes.
There are too many Steves.
There are not enough Steves.

I'm wondering if after 2 years of Bulletholes in the Mailbox if I shouldn't come up with a new name for that as well.

I don't own a gun and I've never put a bullet through a mailbox.

I don't look anything like Yosemite Sam.

I picked that name long ago to try to explain about everything that was wrong with me.
I picked that name long ago because it seemed to represent a part of me that people would take exception to. The part of my personality that caused people to not like me so much. That bit of me that is totally obnoxious...that is to say ...deserving of censure.

It doesn't seem to fit anymore because...everybody likes me!
Even people that don't like me!
And that part of me deserving of Censure?
And all those things that are wrong with me?
They seem to be what people like the most about me!
You know what?
I'll bet its the same way for you.


Steve said...

Thanks for taking steps to clarify things! I was never worried about people mixing us up -- but I guess this DOES make things easier.

As for bulletholes, it's catchy!

Minx said...

I am really a beige wearing librarian with a penchant for ugly shoes and hand knitted cardigans. 'Minx' seemed a bit racier than Gladys!

GEWELS said...

I think you look kind of like Yosemite Sam!...especially when you're packing them big cartoon guns of yours

Barbara said...

I always laughed at "Bulletholes in the Mailbox". It seems so YOU! You are always welcome to my Blog under any name!

laughingattheslut said...

I was a bit worried about Steve from Cowtown.

Old Lady said...

Soooooo....does this mean I need to change to Hootchiemama?

bulletholes said...

Why don't you change into swomething more comfortable while I open this botttle o' ....what do you drink anyway?