Tuesday, August 12, 2008



The Christmas Holiday of my 9th Grade year, under the guise of ‘Christamas Caroling” I met up with several Neighborhood friends. After regaling the first house with a rousing rendition of “Where Shepherds Lay” we paired up and headed for the fields and bushes for the purpose of ‘making –out”.

Up to that point I did not know who Rhonda was, but there is a certain ‘growing closer” that can be experienced by the simple act of a very wet kiss. We grew very close that night. Wanting to grow closer still we ‘Caroled” nightly in the trusty woods, all the way to New Years Eve.
It was all so simple then.
For the next year and half, Rhonda was my girl. She had curly hair and a very cute ‘Button’ nose and when she said “R-Ruff’ it drove me wild. We had Purple Pants and Green Felt shoes with stars on them that matched and of course there were the Captain America shirts we wore with this get up always on the same day.
Our shoes always matched.
She would spend the night from time to time with my sister. When my parents would turn in for the night, rhonda and I would get together under the piano for more growing closer.
In time my sister learned to have a second friend spend the night whenever Rhonda would stay over.
It was a sad day when Rhondas parents moved to Pheonix and took my little Puppy love away.

Some of you are familiar with my daughter Water baby. She came home from College a little early last year feeling defeated but found some comfort in a boy she calls Colorado.
They have taken an Apartment together.
If his grades are good this year he will graduate from High School.
Yes, he is a bit young and its a long story, but the bottom line is that they seem to be quite good for each other right now and while I may see all kinds of sorrow down the road my only course seems to be to support their decisions.
To love 'em.

I was with them renting a Truck last weekend. I found a couple ladies in line at the Truck Rental to flirt with. I told them my daughter and Boyfriend were moving in together.
They surveyed these two kids and one asked
"Oh my, how old are they?"
"Well one of them is too young"I drawled "and the other...is WAY too young!"

I wrote earlier that things were so simple for Rhonda and I...
I hope things will stay simple for my two little birds for a long time.


Barbara said...

It's hard to leave enough slack to let them make their mistakes... and fix them. I have first-hand knowledge of this.

GEWELS said...

Oy! Kids!!!!!!!!!!!

Even mine make me f-ing crazy sometimes. Gotta love 'em though!