Saturday, August 30, 2008


Velvet had a Doberman that went ballistic everytime he saw me. He was big, sleek and chocolate colored with the whitest teeth to ever curl into a snarl. When he would see me it would trigger some kind of bloodlust from a violent past.
It was unnerving, partly because I am a boy, a dog boy that has never met a dog that didn't dog-gone like me.

Velvet said that it was because of the Cowboy hat I wore the first time the beast saw me. it was not one of these NASCAR type hats with the big feathers sunburst on the front and gold pins and silver widgets all was a simple beat up Straw sharecroppers hat, like the one Minxy is sporting on her new avatar. The only thing to set it apart was the "RICHARD NIXON IS A WAR CRIMINAL" button that was pinned unobtrusively to the right side.
hell, it wasn't even my hat, I think i had found it at a Rusty Weir and blue Oyster Cult Concert.

Having hated that hat, the demon-dog named Luke now hated me as well, and it mattered not that I pledged never to wear it whene'er I went to Velvets.

So it was with fear in my heart that I rang the bell.
The door swings open, Velvet smiles at me and I ask
"Where is Luke? He's not ..." and before I can finish with the word "Loose" I see him peer around the corner.
Quick as you can say "BOO" sneers, and propels his body 'round the corner, almost shark-like and with those teeth bared is hell bent for leather straight towards me.

Now I may be a coward, but I am not very smart either.
I turned and ran. I ran for my life. I ran like a Deer. I hurdled the hedge and leapt over the fish pond in the neighbors front yard and then hit the straightaway.
I was running as fast as my feet would fly. Back then I could move pretty good.

I had made about 30 yards and was about to take a glance back to see if I had lost him, or if maybe Velvet had stopped him at the door or even called him back.

That was when I noticed that Luke was loping along right beside me looking up with these big chocolate eyes. If he were going to eat my face off, he would have done so by now.
He wasn't even at half speed for him. I realized how foolish it had been to run as I did but that has never stopped me from doing much of anything my whole life.
I slowed to a jog and looked down at Luke and said "Hey Boy, you can kill me now."
He capered about, did a circle and gave a little WOOF, like Lola, but there was no malice in that bark. And his poor little chopped off Doberamn tail was doing its best to wag.

By the time we got back to Velvet, I was scratchin' him behind the ear.
Luke was just a big ol' Puppy Dog.
I usually have some kind of punch line by now, but I guess today all I can say is
"What do you think about that?"

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leslie said...

What I think about that?... If Luke had caught you, it would not have made a better story!

And how did Minx get your hat?