Friday, August 15, 2008


I apologize for this post, whoever wrote it

You know, I have made a living at this blog thing just by telling the truth, the truth being a record of all the varoious ways that I have screwed up and the many mannerisms that I have that really are not very attractive.
But it is with great hesitation that I will tell you this.
I am getting worried about my ass.
When I was a boy I was able to pinch a loaf clean off and scoot my boots right on out of there.
Then in my twenties I noted that there was toilet paper on a roll next to the head, and I found it very handy most occasions....
thank you very much and don't mind if I do

As time has slipped by I have noticed that my time in the john has increased and my diligence towards proper Personal Hygienehas increased tenfold...sometimes with results terribly lacking.
I have had to wonder, almost aloud whether this were a dietary thing or if my butt just leaked.
Maybe its just part of getting older.
Or could it be that my ass is just all wore out?
Not really my ass so much as my Asshole?

I know I shouldn't say it,
I know you don't want to hear it,
but even now I have a bad feeling
that there may be a
Bullet in my Mailbox!

Have a good weekend...its been a rotten week...I'm going to go get drunk and then I'm going to Church


Barbara said...

This has me worried. Are you OK?

bulletholes said...

Yes Sweetie I'm as good as I get...I was trying to be funny but I am really just being gross...
Yes Potty step down from posting pictures of cute animals.

Mother of Invention said...

Well, you made me kinda laugh! Not a pretty mind picture but laugh. I inspired you to write this???!!!

No more prune juice for you!

Man, you've been posting up a storm! Just got caught up.

GEWELS said...

So that's where your "mailbox" is- I was wondering.

Minx said...

New ones can be purchased at

No cute animals please or we may have to kill you.

bulletholes said...


No that was not the post you inspired but after I pretty much shit in my pants I decided to rite about it after I went home and cleaned up!

soubriquet said...

Sounds like large calibre bullets today......

Sending cork.