Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm so sorry to see this happening. When I heard you say "My life is over" I just wanted to cry because I remember how that feels. I know that while you and she were going together I kept trying to find something wrong with you. But I couldn't. There is nothing wrong with you at all, you are a good guy, but marriage is a difficult thing and life gets really complicated and the older you get the bigger the problems get and the more full of the world you become. And I know you are missin' that dog too, she took the dog. Outside of that one message I sent you long ago I've tried to stay out of this. I'm not up there, I have no idea what has been going on other than she has been miserable and couldn't seem to fit in with the household, and you said someone is crazy and I don't know so I can't say. And I don't know if you can get her back or not, all you can do is try to show you care, if you still do, and how much you care, because I can tell you that girls demand that you care about them more than anything else in the world and that's a hard thing to do sometimes when you get caught up in the world the worlds not getting any wider and things get so thick around a man; I've had my heart broke a lot, usually because I forgot how to show that I care, ; and then when they were gone and I realized just how much I really did care, and I never dreamed how was I to know it could be that way; and then it was too late and the world stepped in and I couldn't be trusted to care anymore. You are a good kid, I like you. Win back her trust, man, its not over unless you just give up and don't try.

Or try to make it all about dogs.

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