Thursday, March 17, 2011


I see where the world is to end May 21st, 2011. A Bible Scholar, Harold Campbell, has it figured out now. He had it figured out way back in 1994 too, but apparently his calculations were off a bit and he went back to the drawing board and now its going to be May 21st, 2011.
For real, for real dude. I seriously doubt he would make the same mistake twice.
It all makes perfect sense because it was May 21st 1946 that Louis Slotkin got fatally irradiated "Ticking the dragons tail" at the Demon Core at Los Alamos Nuclear Testing facility.
Plus its exactly 7000 years since Noah loaded up the Ark. I don't know why we havent been celebrating that one all along.
Noah's Ark Day! What a great holiday that would be! There could be parades, and floats and special rates at the Zoo. There could be Water Balloon fights, and they could get the Fire Department to hose everyone down with hoses! And if it rains, man, wouldn't that be special! There might be men selling Ice Cream, singing Italian songs,
Can you dig it? Yes I can!

I got to put it down on my calendar...except...its too late to celebrate Noahs Ark Day!
Its the end of the world!
That really pisses me off.


SL said...

Well didn't that just work out well! The end of the world is scheduled for the week after my trip to Las Vegas. It's party time.

bulletholes said...

No talkin' to strangers, Susan!
It'll be like 'Black Diamond Bay".

Kim said...

just fyi, I dont think he says its the end of the world, he says it's the day of The Rapture. I, too, have rescheduled a vacay to April (we usually go in May) to see the fish once again as that is something I particularly love in this world.
not that I think I will be raptured, but just in case there is terrible calamity afterwards which precludes being able to travel with ease.
and ps Mr BH, don't go to zoos, even if the tickets are half price. It's exploitation and kinda sick to gawk at trapped animals.
but I like your idea about Noah's Ark Day. I'll celebrate with you.
and pss, I spent the evening with friends who frequest The Keys and like your friend Buddy. I plan to go with them the next time he plays there. My sister and I looked into going to see him in Casablanca, as we would like to follow a band in a foreign country.

Kim said...

no, that's not some new word I'm coining. I meant frequent.

bulletholes said...

That will be next Friday Kim, that buddy will be at the Keys.
Yes, the Rapture will be the 21st, with the End of the World pending till October.
Please Jesus, come get these people.

Kim said...

hahaha...I think...I may change my tune on May 22...