Thursday, March 31, 2011

""Someday This Will All Be Yours"


I been hearing how if the Arctic Ice cap melts that there will be 3 feet of water in London and Miami. That really sounds like bullshit to me. The oceans are huge! But I just read some interesting things about Antarctica; how it contains 90% of the ice on earth which dwarfs the arctic ice cap; why it stays so much colder down there because there are no other land masses close by and elevation; and how huge chunks are falling off it the size of Connecticut.
They say if it melts the oceans will rise 16 feet! That sounds like bullshit too, but I ain't so great with numbers
Who is to say that this would be due to Global Warming? Who is to say it is not? Who is to say we can't have a perfectly good planet without either Ice Cap for a while, albeit without Adele's Penguins and Polar Bears?
Who is against advancing energy technology as a profitable industry that reduces greenhouse gasses, just on the basis that we can, and that we will because its cleaner, cheaper or more efficient?
Who wants to open their windows and turn on the A/C?
Who wants to pour a hot chocolate on the perennially frozen Lake Vostok?
Who really wants to go to Antarctica and paint Gang Graffiti on the Ross Ice shelf?

I sometimes imagine how primitive we might look to an advanced being from Outer Space; we are still digging rocks out of the earth and setting them afire for energy, and drilling holes in the crust to extract one of the messiest and most dangerous substances in the world and pushing it around through pipes and over seas risking spill and fire and explosion. There may be better technologies to work on and discover if we want.
But I'm not really trying to say anything here, except that its always sunny in Philly,  and it never rains in northern California.

Image courtesy of "This Isn't Happiness"


Kim said...

Yes our energy choices are as barbaric as our choices in diet. We know this yet we allow our tastes and interests in the very future of life as we know it on Earth to be controlled by Big Business--the energy industry, cattle industry and so on.
Have you heard about the Bloom Box, Mr BH?

Kim said...

sorry. had to switch from Mr. Droid to the laptop to post this link. Your story made me remember that we didn't heed Cat's insightful words 40 years ago. I really did think as a generation that we would be different from those before us, but it turns out that in most we ways we are just the same, controlled by our own petty lusts, never acting in the interest of our children.

bulletholes said...

I love that song so much.

Lily said...

I love Cat Stevens, have a CD of all his greatest songs in the car, such a distinctive voice.

bulletholes said...

Hey Lily! I posted a poem a few days ago that made me think of you. the post is titled "Astonished to hear only love"...I think you'll like it.