Thursday, March 31, 2011


...a poem written for writer's block by Colin Ryono
Please don't tap on the glass,
or throw things through the bars.
They don't appreciate your attention.
Feeding time changes regularly.
So don't ask.
And they don't do tricks and they don't even hear you.
So don't ask.
Pay no attention when, like animals in a cage
(dumb animals),
they pace back and forth, for what seems like hours.
This is perfectly normal.
They could lash out at any moment.
Or worse, they could lose their train of thought,
they could forget the word they were trying to think of,
or realize that that line doesn't really work at all.
And this would be a minor tragedy.
Let's move on now to the next cage
where we have a female who thinks she's a novelist.


Kim said...

Yes. I think I am a poet but My Block most often disagrees. Vehemently. Angrily insisting I feed it some rare exotic unknown treat which it will digest whole, spitting out only the bones and gristle.
Thank you for this reminder Mr BH

bulletholes said...

Like my buddy Mike says, all you have to do is step up to the keyboard and bleed.

SL said...

Great poem!

northwestportlander said...

It's weird the things you find when you Google your own name. :)

-Colin (the author)

bulletholes said...

Hey colin! Thanks for stopping by! i liked this poem a lot. I think I found it over at Garrison Keilors Writers Almanac.