Friday, March 11, 2011

Five Worst Love Songs ever….#5 “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” by the Partridge Family

When you opened the door to my sisters room, the first thing you saw was a huge picture of David Cassidy. The second thing you might see was the life-size picture of the Partridge Family standing outside their bus, presumably chillin’ and clowning around with mom before going on one of their fun filled musical tours.
My sister had this album of theirs and they had a huge hit ‘I Think I love You” on it and she played it constantly on her little Phonograph in her room.
And every teenage girl back then hoped that David Cassidy might love them.

I always waited patiently for this “Think I Love You” song to end, because to me the best song on the album followed right after.
It was called “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” and to my 13 year old mind it had to be the sexiest song since “Sugar, Sugar”. When my sister wasn’t around, sometimes I’d go into her room, put on that ‘Heartbeat” song and look longingly at the picture of Susan Dey, wearing that maroon crushed velvet pantsuit with white ruffled collars and cuffs and fantasize about “checking her pulse” up close and personal like.
And to think that maybe this song, “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat” might be sufficient cause for her to want to check mine.

Yes, the heart of a 13 year old boy is a deep dark and mysterious place, deeper and darker than anything Celine Dion might sing about.
So the reason that I vote this song to be #5 of the 5 Worst Love Songs ever is not because it sucked so bad, but because I liked it and all its innuendo so much.
I can’t see a girl in scrubs, or go to the pharmacy for my meds, or see a Crushed Velvet Velour pantsuit without thinking of this song, secretly hoping that she might require some sudden medical attention, like Mouth-to-Mouth Rescusitation or CPR or something.
I could be her doctor 'till her doctor comes.

"My Stethy's in the shop baby, we'll have to do this manually"


AnitaNH said...

Brings to mind that scene in Love in the Time of Cholera. If you've seen the film you will no doubt remember the one I mean.

Kim said...

Anxiously awaiting songs 4 through 1.
PS I wear scrubs and a stethoscope ...

bulletholes said...

I haven't seen it Anita, but i tried to read the book a couple years before it was Oprahs Book Club pick. I couldn't finish it.
Maybe I'll try the movie.
Kim, please don't try to get me to do the Cotton Eyed Joe.

Kim said...

my God, Steve, if I never see ANYone do the cotton eyed joe again, I will be perfectly content, and I, too, tried hard to like gabriel garcia marquez, read several of his books including Love in time of, but I lost patience with him as I got older. Still interested in what those other four songs are tho...