Thursday, October 23, 2008


In the previous post I offered up a Talking Heads video. Jerry Harrison is the White Boy on guitar sporting a ‘Fro to David Byrnes right.
Occasionally I will tout a CD here at Bulletholes and today I would offer to you Harrisons 1990 release ‘Walk on Water”.
Like all my offerings, it plays well the whole way through.
There is one song on You Tube from the CD called “Flying Under Radar” but other than that I doubt you have ever heard anything from this work.
My favorite may be a little number called “Cowboys Gotta Go”
Harrison has stayed busy as a producer and this was his last solo effort. Since The Best of Jerry Harrison likely isn’t forthcoming, the only way to hear these songs is to buy Walk On Water, and a lot of them are worth hearing.
Like most really good CD's you might find it on the throwback shelf at the local half-price outlet.

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